Izmir University (IZU) was established by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation in 2007 as the third foundation university in Izmir, and the education started in the Academic Year 2008-2009.

With a history of 8500 years, Izmir, home to many civilizations, is Anatolia’s window opening to the West. As an urban university, IZU provides education in three adjoining buildings with an indoor space of 15,000 m2.  The premises are located in Uckuyular, one of the most decent neighborhoods of Izmir, and they are easily accessible by public transport.

IZU, founded in the heart of the city with the aim of raising individuals integrated with their country and closely following worldwide developments, has adopted the principle of lifelong learning and an understanding to serve the community. The main philosophy of IZU is to become a research oriented university with an international focus which gives priority to graduate studies as well as undergraduate studies. IZU has 25 cooperation protocols with universities abroad, and the number of partnerships keeps rising. We are targeting to remain among the leading universities in our region with our distinctive and modern teaching methods.

In line with this target, all departments of the university have been constructed considering the workforce demanded by the industry, aiming to offer high quality education so as to meet the requirements of the era and keep up with constant changes. With the foreign language education offered to the students during their first year, IZU intends to support the professional training in addition to helping students adapt to different academic and business settings.

Our biggest ideal is to raise individuals capable of processing information gained through a comprehensive education at international standards, transforming this information into knowledge and using it, prone to teamwork, and able to produce problem-solving projects while questioning life.

In a few years’ time, our students will have the privilege of being the graduates of a university whose education and research quality has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

Come and join us; have the privilege of studying at a young, dynamic and modern university.

Contact Details

Address: Gursel Aksel Blv. No 14, 35350 Uckuyular, Izmir, Turkey
Tel: +90 (232) 246 49 49 ext 145
E-mail: international@izmir.edu.tr
Web: www.izmir.edu.tr